Brian and Sandy // Brian and Sandy actually live in Denver, Colorado….and the only time they were going to be available for Engagement photos was during the week of Christmas. So…a few days before Christmas I drove up to Indy and met with them for their session. Unfortunately Brian had just started feeling the effects of the flu the day before…and by the time I arrived he started having a fever and not feeling so great. He pushed through…and we got some great images. I seriously have no idea how he did it. We walked ALL OVER Indianapolis that day….and it was freezing. So the cold temperatures and all the walking was crazy enough…but then you add the flu on top of all that…and seriously..that poor guy. I got the flu a couple weeks later…and I could barely get out of bed….so I have no idea how he did it. :o) Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!

0006_briansandy_color copy
0008_briansandy_bw copy
0016_briansandy_bw copy
0022_briansandy_color copy
0026_briansandy_color copy
0029_briansandy_color copy
0042_briansandy_color copy
0054_briansandy_color copy
0071_briansandy_color copy
0073_briansandy_color copy
0080_briansandy_color copy

They are total pros!  By looking at these images you can not tell that Brian was sick…or that it was literally like 28 degrees!

0099_briansandy_bw copy
0110_briansandy_color copy
0116_briansandy_color copy
0126_briansandy_color copy

B + S // I had a great time freezing my butt off with you guys! :o) Oh, and walking my legs off! I think we walked a few miles in less than two hours that day! :o) Can’t wait to see you guys in September!! Hopefully it’s a lot warmer!!! :o) – MC


Chris and Jenna //  I traveled to Georgetown, Illinois to shoot Chris and Jenna’s Engagement Session.  We started out at a really cool state park that was nearby their house…and then finished up their session in their backyard pond. :o)  I can’t wait to head back up that way this Summer for their wedding day!  Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!

0041_chrisandjenna_color copy
0046_chrisandjenna_color copy
0063_chrisandjenna_color copy
0078_chrisandjenna_color copy
0107_chrisandjenna_color copy

LOVE the one below!

0123_chrisandjenna_color copy
0132_chrisandjenna_color copy

Seriously…the most behaved dog I’ve ever been around.  She was so good!

0135_chrisandjenna_color copy
0147_chrisandjenna_color copy
0157_chrisandjenna_color copy
0166_chrisandjenna_color copy
0204_chrisandjenna_color copy

C+J // I had a great time coming up and driving all around and learning about duck hunting. :o) I can’t wait to see you guys on the wedding day! – MC


Jacob and Brook // So….Brook may look a little familiar to some of you loyal blog readers.  She was actually in her sisters wedding this past June that we photographed.  While I was at the wedding I found out that Brook was engaged as well.  I was secretly hoping she’d want to book me for her wedding day too….but I didn’t push or mention anything about it at all during the day.  During dinner their dad snuck away to my table and said he was very impressed with the job we were doing that day and would love to book us for Brook’s wedding. :o)  A few days later….Brook and Jacob were on the calendar for this July! :o)  I had a great time working with them during their engagement session and can not wait for their wedding day!

0040_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0059_jacobandbrooke_color copy

Umm…best dressed dog…EVER!

0062_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0068_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0088_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0099_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0118_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0126_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0138_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0165_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0167_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0176_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0183_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0187_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0195_jacobandbrooke_color copy
0222_jacobandbrooke_color copy

J+B // I had a great time wondering around ISU’s campus with you two! I can’t not wait to see you guys in July!!! – MC

  • She reen - January 6, 2015 - 8:17 pm

    One of my favorite couples ever here. Thank you for the beautiful job on all of these photos, I love them all.
    Jacob’s mom.

Scott and Katie are having a destination wedding next fall so they decided to go ahead and shoot their engagement photos this fall.  Katie actually works with Brad, a past groom, and when she asked him who he recommended for an awesome engagement photographer, he of course said me! ;o)  So, on a very cold October day….I drove up and met with them in Broad Ripple and we walked around the area getting some great shots.  Enjoy some of my favorites!

0059_scottandkatie_color copy
0068_scottandkatie_color copy
0071_scottandkatie_color copy
0094_scottandkatie_color copy
0100_scottandkatie_color copy
0103_scottandkatie_color copy
0107_scottandkatie_color copy
0117_scottandkatie_color copy
0140_scottandkatie_color copy
0163_scottandkatie_color copy
0165_scottandkatie_color copy
0168_scottandkatie_color copy

S+K // Congrats on your engagement and I can’t wait to see photos from your destination wedding! – MC


Alex and Cora // We originally had Alex and Cora’s Engagement session scheduled for a week earlier…but because of all the rain we had this fall…I had some other sessions I had to reschedule and we ended up moving Alex and Cora’s session to a week later.  And seriously….I am so glad we did.  The weather on the original session date was cold, wet, and gloomy out.  There was NO SIGN of the sun that day.  But…the day we rescheduled for was amazing!  The sun was out, it was much warmer….and the ground wasn’t soaked from the rain.  I have no doubt in my mind that no matter what the weather their images would have been amazing….but the sun just made them even more amazing!  Enjoy some of my favorites!

0006_alexandcora_color copy
0018_alexandcora_bw copy
0026_alexandcora_color copy
0047_alexandcora_color copy
0053_alexandcora_color copy
0070_alexandcora_color copy

I LOVED this sign that they brought along to use.  Alex used this exact same sign when he asked Cora to marry him. <3 LOVE IT!

0108_alexandcora_color copy
0122_alexandcora_bw copy
0148_alexandcora_color copy
0155_alexandcora_color copy
0161_alexandcora_color copy
0170_alexandcora_color copy

A and C // Seriously….the fall colors were PERFECT on the day we did your photos…and the sun?  OMG!! I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather!  Thanks for going along with all my ideas! I LOVE the way your photos turned out!  See you in April! – MC


Aaron and Kara // I had been looking forward to traveling to Evansville for Aaron and Kara’s engagement session for quite some time. But…mother nature had other plans because we had to keep rescheduling due to the weather. Luckily…we had a break in the weather for Evansville and I also had a super amazing local bride who was willing to change her engagement session date (Thanks Cora!) so we could squeeze Aaron and Kara’s session before their schedules were about to be full. So…one Thursday afternoon after days and days of rain….I drove down to Evansville and met with Aaron and Kara and we were able to squeeze in their session. We even got lucky and had the sun peak out of some clouds. :o) Enjoy some of my favorites!

0029_aaronandkara_color copy
0050_aaronandkara_color copy
0062_aaronandkara_color copy
0078_aaronandkara_color copy
0087_aaronandkara_color copy
0107_aaronandkara_color copy
0109_aaronandkara_color copy
0128_aaronandkara_color copy
0130_aaronandkara_color copy
0134_aaronandkara_color copy
0139_aaronandkara_bw copy
0146_aaronandkara_color copy
0164_aaronandkara_color copy
0175_aaronandkara_color copy
0210_aaronandkara_color copy
0212_aaronandkara_color copy

A+K // Thanks for being so awesome and willing to walk around in the mud and the soggy grass to get some great photos! I had a great time getting to know you guys and can’t wait for the big day! It will seriously be here SOOO SOOOON! – MC :o)