Senior :: Kayla Mann

So..this is Kayla and let me just tell you….SHE’S AWESOME! I had so much fun during this session..and if we wouldn’t have ran out of daylight I probably could have shot her for another couple hours. She was so natural in front of the camera and her outfits…AMAZING! She’s a senior at Terre Haute South and is a member of the dance team.
We started out doing a few photos at her school and then we went on an adventure..we stopped by my fave purple building that I use in a lot of my senior sessions and it just so happened that Kayla’s outfit matched it PERFECTLY.

Next we visited Fowler Park and the trees were PERFECT.  Leaves had fallen but yet there was still plenty of them left on the trees to get some really good pictures.  I went back to Fowler Park for another session 5 days letter and there were no leaves left on the tree…so we are so lucky we did Kayla’s session when we did.

Not only was the trees perfect so was the weather.  There was no wind or movement in the water so I was lucky enough to get these great shots of the reflection of the bridge. LOVE IT! Oh..and isn’t her outfit amazing…again??

Below is a FAVE… the colors just POP…LOVE IT!  Oh..and 5 days later I took a pic in this exact spot… there were a few green leaves left towards the bottom, other than that NOTHING. :o(

After we finished up at Fowler Park we headed to another fave spot I visit often…this awesome car.  I’m actually trying to figure out a way for my husband to let me take this to my house so I can use it for every shot.. hehe I don’t think our neighbors would like this sitting in our front yard…

Then we headed to downtown Terre Haute to finish up our shoot… we ran out of daylight but we worked with what we had…

This girl was so daring…she climbed in a stinky old car…rolled around in the front seats and then she laid on the edge of a parking garage…LOVE IT!

Kayla…your awesome..if you couldn’t tell by all my faves and me rambling on about how awesome you are I definately had a blast with you.  You put so much thought into your outfits, accessories, etc. and as a photographer thats the coolest part is being able to photograph someone in their element.  I had a blast and I hope I get the opportunity to work with you in the future.  Good Luck with your senior year of high school. xoxo

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